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English B1

Target: Solid communication with customers and partners

Speaking: You learn to take part in normal conversations without preparation.
Listening: You understand common information in everyday and business context.
Writing: You write common texts about familiar topics.
Reading: You understand texts in familiar topics.

This course is the right choice for you if......

  • you want to communicate fluently in your hodidays.
  • you want to have fluent business conversations about familiar topics.

Course times: Tuesdays, 18.30 till 19.30

Modul 1Modul 1
Modul 2Modul 2
Modul 3Modul 3
Modul 4Modul 4
8 lessons
January / February
Startdate: January, 9th
8 lessons
March / April
Startdate: March, 6th
8 lessons
May / June
Startdate: May, 9th
8 lessons
July / August

Startdate: July, 3rd

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Complete course - 325,00 Euro (save 15%)
Single module - 96,00 Euro