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German A2

Aim: Good German in easy conversations

Speaking: You talk slowly to other people about basic every-day topics.
Listening: You understand easy texts about familiar topics, if they are spoken slowly and clearly.
Writing: You write short texts using basic vocabulary and phrases about typical situations.
Reading: You understand short, simple texts about every-day topics..

This course is the right choice if...

  • ... you want to communicate in your holidays, do your daily shopping and get along in a German spoken country.
  • ... you want to have basic German conversations in your job.

Course times: montays 6.30 – 7.30 pm

Module 1Module 1
Module 2Module 2
Module 3Module 3
Module 4Module 4
8 lessons
January / February
Start: January, 8th
8 lessons
March / April
Start: March, 5th
8 lessons
May / June
Start: May, 8th
8 lessons
July / August
Start: July, 2nd

Book now:

Whole course - 325,00 Euro (save 15%)
Single Module - 96,00 Euros