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Reading Comprehension is being tested in two ways:

  • Reading for Gist

    Tested is only the general understanding of the text. The comprehension questions focus on understanding the topic and major items, not the details in the text. It's not necessary to understand every word of the text.

  • Reading for details

    All details of the text might be topics of the questions. Understanding passages, vocabulary and facts will be questioned and demands intensive work on the text.


Different kinds of questions:

  • Closed questions
    The student won't be asked to write a text, but has to show comprehension by ticking, sorting headlines, etc. .
    Typical tasks:  Multiple Choice, Tick the correct answer, Order the sentences, Match the Pictures to the sentences, True or False...
  • Half-closed questions
    Notes, single words, short answers or sentence fragments are wanted here. Typical tasks: Fill in the gaps, Correct the following statements, etc.
  • Open questions
    These are questions that need to be answered in full sentences.
  1. Read the questions before you read the text itself.
  2. Skim the text first to find the text passages that match to the questions.
  3. Underline the sentences which contain the answers to the questions and write down the number of the question next to it.
  4. If you have to write full sentences don't copy the sentences of the text. Most teachers also want to test your writing style.
  5. Only use the information you can prove on the text. Don't add you own thoughts or knowledge.