Bedingungssätze Typ 1 / If clauses (Conditional sentences) type 1

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If clause type 1 is used if the condition is possible to happen and normally tells about something, that might happen in the future.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I willl go swimming.
If I eat an apple a day, I won't need a doctor.


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 An "conditional" or "if -clause" has two parts: The "If part" and the "main" part. The "if-part" always shows the condition
that needs to be true for the main clause to become reality: 
If part
Main part
If it rains tomorrow,
we will watch TV.

we can watch TV.
   watch TV!

 If + Personal pronun + Simple Present + rest
 Personal Pronoun + will future + rest.

                              or can/must/etc.
                              or Imparative


You can swap the if-part and the main part:

If it rains tomorrow, we will watch TV.
We will watch TV if it rains tomorrow.

But: If your "If-part" is first, you must put a comma behind it.