Bedingungssätze Typ 2 / If clauses (Conditional sentences) type 2

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If clause type 2 is used if the condition is

a) impossible to happen

If I was a colour, I would be blue. ==> The write is no colour so the condtion is impossible.

If I learned a lot, I would be a good student. ==> But the writes shows with this sentence, that he doesn't want to learn more, so it is impossible to be a good student.

 b) very unlikely to happen

 If I found $10000, I would buy a new car. ==>  It is not very likely that the writer will find $10000.


 An "conditional" or "if -clause" has two parts: The "If part" and the "main" part.


If part
Main part
If I was rich/ If someone gave me $10000000,
I would live in Paris.

I could buy a hotel.
 If + Personal pronun + Simple Past + rest
 Personal Pronoun + would + Infinitive + rest.

                              or could/should/etc.


You can swap the if-part and the main part:

If I was a colour, I would be blue.
I would be blue if I was a colour.

But: If your "If-part" is first, you must put a comma behind it.Remember: The if works like a comma in If-clauses.