Grammar horror story - The picture

Read the story and fill in the gaps

Fill in Past Perfect (where possible) or Simple Past

Chapter one – Gregor Dunborrow 
May I introduce myself: Gregor Dunborrow, 52 years old, from Easthollow, Sussex in England.  
I wouldn’t call myself an artist - even my four-year-old grandchild paints better than me - but I love paintings.  
I’m fascinated to see how the skilful combination of colours creates forms, the arrangement of forms composes scenery and the creativity of the artist puts some kind of life onto the picture. 
Perhaps it’s this magical kind of life which explains the events in the cold winter days of 1905 and maybe it’s my special interest in those tiny details, which got me into the middle of it. 
It all started with tea at my fireplace. My good friend Angus McCormic (to get) → some colour back into his nearly frozen face – because of some warm drinks - after we (to make) → a long walk in the icy winter-wonderland in Sussex at Christmas time.  
I don’t know if it was the heat of the tea or the spirit of the alcohol which I (to smuggle) → into the tea beforehand. But silent Angus (to get) → more cheerful and talkative with each sip of tea. He told me about his awful neighbour’s son, who (to play) → him many bad tricks, about the corruption in politics and how life had changed over the years. While most of his alcohol-driven talks had just made me smile, I (to get) → quite interested when Angus told me about some new stuff he had bought for his antiques shop in the main street. He (to buy) → some colourful wall plates, fantastic china pottery and some beautiful landscape paintings by an unknown painter. Landscapes had always been my favourites. The play of light and shade, colours of the seasons and geometry of nature made me step into the picture and be inside it for hours. After we (to drink) → our tea Angus (to leave) → and I promised to visit him in his shop the next afternoon.  

Überprüfe deine Antworten um Fehler zu vermeiden:
  1. Hast du auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung geachtet?
  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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