Simple Past short story

The Locked Room Chapter 1

Simple Past training. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the Simple Past

Chapter 1: Wareham 
When I remember these days I can still feel the tickling of fear on my back, something between heat and cold that keeps the breath off your lungs.  
Even after thirty years I can see this room, smell the soft perfume of forgotten time and feel the cold in my bones.  
It all (to happen)in 1879 in Wareham, England, where I, Evan MacGreggan,  (to study)medicine and used some free time to get my mind back onto my books in a romantic village, full of warm-hearted people with open, happy faces. 
I  (to find)such people in a small country-hotel with an old but happy family offering simple but tasty food and small but clean bedrooms. 
I  (to spend)the mornings reading my books, walked through the charming countryside in the afternoons and   (to have)more than enough beer with the people in the evenings. 
All in all it  (to be)a wonderful time in my life. The pub-owners, the Weeds,  (to be)a lovingly family. 
They always  (to make)me eat some extra food and  (to tell)me hundreds of stories about the area, the village and their hotel.  They had bought the hotel some twenty years ago when they moved from Tweed to Wareham to  earn some money and  start a family. They were able to make  a living with the hotel but (not / to tell)me why they still  (not/ to have)any children. And I didn’t ask. 

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