Using Commas in a List of Elements

You have learned how to place commas in a list of elements. Try to get as many credits as possible now.

Quiz about using commas in lists

Please copy the text and place commas where necessary. You will get new sentences if you take the quiz again.

Use this format: word, word  
  1. The youngest son wore a dark blue jeans jacket.  → 
  2. I use the Internet for sending e-mail surfing the Web and using chat rooms.  → 
  3. Of the letters X Y and Z I prefer Z.  → 
  4. I went to the store to buy milk and bread.  → 
  5. You need honey flour sugar fruit eggs nuts and baking powder.  → 
Überprüfe deine Antworten um Fehler zu vermeiden:
  1. Hast du auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung geachtet?
  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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