Using commas to mark off parts of a sentence

You have learned how to place commas to separate clauses. Try to get as many credits as possible now.

Using commas to mark off parts of a sentence

Copy the text and place commas where necessary. You will get new sentences the next time you try the test.

  1. You're one of the senator's close friends aren't you?  → 
  2. After a good washing and grooming the pup looked like a new dog.  → 
  3. The field was safe enough wasn't it?  → 
  4. After school was over I went home and watched television.  → 
  5. Red bell peppers for example have a lot of vitamin C.  → 
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  1. Hast du auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung geachtet?
  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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