Using Commas with direct speech

You have learned how to place commas with direct speech. Try to get as many credits as possible now.

Use commas where possible. You will get new sentences when you do the quiz again.

Copy the text and place commas where necessary. You will get new sentences the next time you try the test.
  1. "If you want some milk" he said "go to the store and buy it."  → 
  2. "If you want" she whispered "you can kiss me."  → 
  3. In Mike's first book "Some like it hot" he says "Some like the soup cold most like their soup hot."  → 
  4. Jake said in tears "I want to go home."  → 
  5. "I was in Berlin last year" she said.  → 
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  1. Hast du auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung geachtet?
  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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