Grammar horror story - The picture

Fill in Past Perfect (where possible) or Simple Past

Chapter three – A picture changes

The next morning I didn’t find a better place for it, nor did I the morning after, so it stayed where it was for some days, being one of the many things you overlook when you have got used to them. But new things are always interesting for guests like Philip, the son of a neighbour, who visited me one morning. He’s one of the boys, who love to talk all the time… a friendly, but easy-going young man. He (to come) → to give me some apples and stayed → on for hours telling me all the news of the village. After young Philip  (to run) → out of topics to talk about, he (to catch) → sight of my new picture. “Mr Dunborrow, you have bought a new picture! Nice arrangement of colours. The blue of the lake reminds me of my grandparents’ pond I always swam in, when I was a kid. After swimming I always had picnic with all my friends. And look! The house is exactly like the one the Millers live in. The small painter in the front even reminds me of Mr Miller. It’s a pity what happened to their horse…such a fantastic animal….” Philip went on and on…and I dozed off. During his never-ending talk I slept with my eyes open. The cottage, the pond, the painter… the painter? Had there been a painter on the picture? I shook myself awake and rushed to the picture. I knew there hadn’t been a painter on the picture. But there he was: A small man in front of the house, sitting at a painting, and even a happy smile seemed to be on his face? Puzzled, I was able to get rid of Philip. I had a close look at the picture if anything else had changed. But everything else seemed the same. My age must finally have influenced my memory. What a pity.  
The next day I (to inspect) → the picture again, but everything  (to stay) → the same. Nonsense! A picture is a picture. Well, at least that was what I  (to tell) → myself - until I (to find) → my very angry housekeeper, Mrs Bicks, in front of the picture on Monday morning.  

Überprüfe deine Antworten um Fehler zu vermeiden:
  1. Hast du auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung geachtet?
  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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