Grammar horror story - The picture

Read the story and fill in the gaps

Fill in Past Perfect (where possible) or Simple Past

Chapter two – At Angus’ antiques shop 
My next day was very busy, so I was late when I  (to arrive) → . Angus (to wait) → for a long time, but he wasn’t angry… perhaps he was impatient to watch my face when I saw the pictures. He took me around and showed me all he had got. Actually I don’t think he could read much from my face, because I was quite disappointed by the pictures. Most of them were quite dark and there was nothing special about them. You know, the kind of speciality which makes you fall in love … like a small kid finding a stick and using it for being an Indian, a robber with a gun, an athlete, and playing for hours, creating one world after another.   At least one picture  (to catch) → my interest, after I  (nearly/to give up) → . It was a painting of a typical Sussex autumn scenery: A small lake with some water animals in the foreground, the edge of a forest on the left and a small two-storeyed cottage on the right. All in all a picture you could find in every bed and breakfast guesthouse room. The colours weren’t unusual nor was the picture itself. What I liked were the small details in the picture. A striped cat in front of the cottage, the ducks on the lake and dozens of other things what had been skilfully placed by the painter. While most parts of the picture were quite roughly painted, he had given those details special interest and thus made them stick out. Okay, I wouldn’t say that this made the picture really interesting to me, but for the sake of my friendship to Angus I bought it.  Not knowing where to hang it, I placed it in the library, next to the fireplace. I would think about a proper place for it in the morning. 

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  2. Ist die Zeichensetzung korrekt?
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