Grammar horror story - The picture

Chapter four – Murder

Fill in the gaps and use Past Perfect if possible

“Mr Dunborrow, I would never say anything about art, but this is nothing I would put up in MY house,” she said, rushing out of the room. Puzzled, I watched her. 
 (What/she/to see/question form) → ? With a bad suspicion I looked at the picture but found it unchanged, except for the happy painter in front of his house - who didn’t seem to be happy any more. A second person, tall and skinny, (to join) → him. Dressed all in black he held a knife in his hand, piercing what was left of the poor painter. Some wrath or madness must have befallen this madman, because even in the rough painting the scene made my stomach turn around. I didn’t know what to do or to say. Who would believe me? Wouldn’t people only laugh at me for having bought a picture without having had a close look at it? I put a blanket over the picture because each look at the scene seemed to magnify the spot of horror. I left my house for a long walk to clear my mind.  
Well, what can I say… my mind didn’t clear up. After I  (to have) → a long walk, with lots of visions of bloody knives and tall murderers, I  (to rush) → home. Even before I  (to enter) → the hall I  (to hear) → voices in my library. My heart dropped. Were these visitors here because of the picture? Would people call me insane because I  (to buy) → such a picture? Then I recognized the voices of Philip and another man. “Mr Dunborrow! I’m sorry that we have entered while you were out. Mrs Bins let us in. I told Mr Miller about the picture and the painter who looks like him. Of course he wants to see it. May we have a look?” Sweat poured down my face. What would Mr Miller say when he saw a scene in which someone who looked like him was horribly murdered? And after young Philip must have told Mr Miller all the details of the picture, he must think that I  (to repaint) → the picture tonight. “Err, alright,” I said with a very dry throat, getting closer to the blanket over the picture, begging the picture to be merciful to me. 

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