Simple Past short story

The Locked Room Chapter 3

Simple Past training. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the Simple Past.

Chapter 3: Home alone 
The next day was as happy as if nothing had happened.  
Mrs Weed  (to make)me some extra scrambled eggs for breakfast while Mr Weed told me that the hotel had no other guests today and that he and his wife would be out for the day. 
I   (not / to mind)as I had studies to do and loved the quiet atmosphere in my room. In the afternoon my head was blocked with medical facts so I  (to go)off to my afternoon walk. 
But outside I  (to find)cold, wet mist in which I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I  (to change)my plans at once and stayed in the warm hotel rooms. But what can one do when  everyone is out? 
Don’t think of me as a nosey person, but as Mr Weed had told me the hotel was empty, why shouldn’t I have a look at the other rooms? So I   (to make)myself through the other guest apartments. 
They  (not/to be)locked so I didn’t feel ashamed. The rooms  (to be)small and old, but clean…just like my own room. Being bored I  (to be)close to getting back to my room, when I found something strange: The last room on the second floor was locked. 
Why  (question/the Wells/ to lock)lock only one room while keeping their own rooms unlocked? I got interested. Don’t think of it as my normal behaviour, but I needed to know what was behind that door. So I  (to find)the keys to the doors and (to try)them out. And the last one worked. 

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