Simple Past short story

The Locked Room Chapter 4

Simple Past training. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the Simple Past

Chapter 4: The room  Being blinded by the light outside I  (not / can)see anything in the darkness of this small room. 
After some time my eyes (to see)better and with the help of the light from the floor I could see some shades. 
The air  (to smell)like no one had been in this room for years, and unnatural coldness seemed to float out of the place. 
Like being in a shock I stood there, frozen, what seemed to be years. I  (not / to know)why. What was so strange about this room? 
There  (not / to be)any differences to the other rooms. Only a lot more dust. The same cupboard, the same little table with some chairs, the same single-bed. 
The same? While all the other beds were carefully made by Mrs Weed’s caring hand, there seemed to be a huge pile of something black in this bed.  
Something that  (to drag)my eyes magically towards the bed… getting everything else out of my sight and back into the black. 
Without being able to resist I  (to get)closer to the bed, trying to find out in this mysterious half-light, what   (to make)my heart beat faster in one second and stop in the next one. 
Placing one foot after another I was able to see a bit better… and finally   (to laugh)out. What made me close to getting a heart-attack seemed to be some untidy blankets and clothes on the bed. 
But the laugh only  (to last)for a second. (question / the blanket / not / to move)? Oh my god…yes it moved…it turned and rose out of the bed. I  (to freeze). My heart missed a beat. I  (not / can)move. I tried to run but I couldn’t - tried to scream but I couldn’t. This wasn’t real…was it? 

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