Simple Past short story

The Locked Room Chapter 5

Simple Past training. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the Simple Past

Chapter 5: Shivering 
I finally managed to get one foot backwards. This  (to get)me to fall but also got me back to my senses. I   (to fall)out of the room to the floor,  (to slam)the door shut and  (to run)into my room. 
Shivering, sweating and trying to control myself I  (to sit)there… my back turned against the door. What should I do? Call the police? 
Tell the Wells? Wouldn’t they only laugh at me telling some fish-stories? Asking me why I was breaking into locked rooms? After a long time I   (to calm)down a bit. 
Hadn’t I been in this hotel for weeks without anything bad happening to me? I finally  (to pull)myself together. Perhaps my mind had only played tricks on me. I listened on my door but it was absolutely quiet outside. 
I sat like that for two hours till the Weeds  (to come)back, and later some more guests arrived. But I  (to stay)in my room that evening, locked my door and  (to have)a very uneasy night. 
The next morning the sun  (to shine)brightly and the sky was clear and blue. It was all so nice that I could only laugh at myself. My mind must have played tricks on me the night before. 
I finally stayed for two more weeks, away from the strange room and ignoring my thoughts. Only until I  (to book)out of the hotel. All my things were packed and in front of the hotel. 

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