Simple Past short story

The Locked Room Chapter 6

Simple Past training. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the Simple Past

I told the Wells that I wanted to visit my room a last time. But I  (not / to go)for my room... I went for the locked door. It  (to drag)me towards it. I needed to know. 
I  (to find)the door unlocked as I left it. When I opened it a bit nothing moved. Finally I quietly opened the door and  (to slide)inside. It was like I had thought… just a pile of clothes on the bed. 
Relieved, I turned around to get out and to finish this…when I suddenly  (to feel)some movement behind myself. I quickly turned -  and (to see)some clothes walking towards me - with a knife where the hand should have been.  Sweat on my face I stumbled backwards,  (to fall), and  (to hit)my back. Oh my God …game over. All (to go)black. 

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