Harry Potter - The Weasley Family Tree

Harry Potter family tree
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Fill in the forms of  "to be" (am, is, are):

This is the Weasley's family tree. Look at it to fill in the gaps:

  1. Arthur Weasley Molly Prewett's husband. 
  2. George and Ron brothers. 
  3. Bill and Fleur Hugo's parents? No, they not. 
  4. Angelina George's sister? No, she not, she his wife. 
  5. Teddy married? No, he
  6. Victoire and Dominique sisters? Yes, they
  7. Ron:"Herminone
    my wife. Hugo and Rose our children. George, Percy and Bill
    my brothers. Ginny
    my sister. " 
  8. Who Teddy's grandparents? Bill and Fleur
    Teddy's grandparents. 
  9. Bill: "I
    Molly and Arthur's son and Fleur's husband." 
  10. Fred:"Who  my uncles?" Roxanne:"Bill, Pery and Ron our uncles." 
  11. Louis:"I
    George's nephew." George:"That's right. Do you know who my niceces
    ?" Louis:"Yes. Victoire, Dominique and Rose your nices. And Roxanne your daughter." 
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