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Train irregular verbs here

Whenever you need to train new irregular verbs you can add them here.
You will train them at once, after a week, after a month and after some time automatically...and gain credits for your score!

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Simple Past
Past Participle
was/were been
beat beaten
became become
began begun
bet bet
blew blown
broke broken
brought brought
built built
burst burst
bought bought
caught caught
chose chosen
came come
cost cost
cut cut
dealt dealt
did done
drew drawn
drank drunk
drove driven
ate eaten
fell fallen
fed fed
felt felt
fought fought
found found
flew flown
forgot forgotten
froze frozen
got got, gotten
gave given
went gone
grew grown
hung hung
had had
heard heard
hid hidden
hit hit
held held
hurt hurt
kept kept
knew known
laid laid
led led
left left
lent lent
let let
lay lain
lit lit
lost lost
made made
meant meant
met met
paid paid
put put
read read
rode ridden
rang rung
rose risen
ran run
said said
saw seen
sold sold
sent sent
set set
shook shaken
stole stolen
shone shone
shot shot
showed shown
shut shut
sang sung
sank sunk
sat sat
slept slept
slid slid
spoke spoken
spent spent
sprang sprung
stood stood
stuck stuck
swore sworn
swept swept
swam swum
swung swung
took taken
taught taught
tore torn
told told
thought thought
threw thrown
understood understood
woke woken
wore worn
wove woven
won won
wrote written