You have learned how to place commas in a list of elements. Try to get as many credits as possible now.

Quiz about using commas in lists

Please copy the text and place commas where necessary. You will get new sentences if you take the quiz again.

Use this format: word, word  
  1. Placed on a lonley mountain this hotel offers hiking climbing and rafting.  → 
  2. Of the letters X Y and Z I prefer Z.  → 
  3. The school awards Gold Silver Bronze and other awards.  → 
  4. The policmen argued that the man who was at the scene of the crime who had access to the safe keys and who had some of the stolen money on him was guilty of the robbery.  → 
  5. I went to the store to buy milk and bread.  → 
Check your answers to avoid mistakes:
  1. Did you take care of upper case or lower case spelling?
  2. Are punctuations set correctly?