You have learned how to place commas to separate clauses. Try to get as many credits as possible now.

Using a comma to separate independent clauses (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet )

Copy the text and place commas where necessary. You will get new sentences the next time you try the test.
  1. The public seems eager for some kind of gun control legislation but the congress is obviously too timid to enact any truly effective measures.  → 
  2. The house was cute but too expensive for the family.  → 
  3. The game was over but the crowd refused to leave.  → 
  4. The student explained her question yet the instructor still didn't seem to understand.  → 
  5. Yesterday was her brother's birthday so she took him out to dinner.  → 
  6. He left the scene of the accident and tried to forget that it had happened.  → 
  7. Oil which is lighter than water rises to the surface.   → 
  8. Nice is a word with many meanings and some of them are contradictory.  → 
  9. The contractor testified that the house was completed and that the work had been done properly.  → 
  10. Since it had rained all day the ground was wet.  → 
  11. I was supposed to do my homework today but I went to see a movie instead.  → 
  12. I didn’t do the homework so I had to sit in the corner at school.  → 
  13. While everyone has a photographic memory some just don't have film.  → 
  14. Dogs have owners but cats have staff.  → 
  15. Though we cannot change the direction of the wind we can adjust our sails.  → 
  16. When you leave today remember your umbrella.  → 
  17. From the roof I could see for miles.  → 
  18. Furthermore I would like you to mow the lawn.  → 
Check your answers to avoid mistakes:
  1. Did you take care of upper case or lower case spelling?
  2. Are punctuations set correctly?