Fill in the correct object pronoun.

Fill in the correct object pronoun (me, you, him,...)

Dan and Max are in the garden.
Dan: ”Mum, we are thirsty. Do you have something for 
to drink?” Mum: “Of course I have something for to drink. Dan, can come inside and get the drinks. I can’t hold .” 
Dan to Max: “Can we go on a bike tour?” Max: ”I have my bike at home. I have to get . Can you hold my bag for  , when I go and get my bike?” Dan: ”Of course I can! And we need something to eat. I will get something for .” 
Max (at home): “Dad, where is my bike? Dan and I want to go on a bike tour.” Dad :”Don’t ask , son. Your brother Dennis has . Go and ask .” 

Check your answers to avoid mistakes:
  1. Did you take care of upper case or lower case spelling?
  2. Are punctuations set correctly?