Present Progressive Quiz level 2

Fill the gaps:

The man (to fall)down the stairs. The man (not / to fall)down the stairs. the man (to fall)down the stairs. 
I (to read) a book. I (not/to read)a book. I (to read)a book?  
The family (to eat)dinner. The family (not/to eat)dinner. the family (to eat)dinner? 
I and my dog (to go out)for a walk . I and my dog (not / to go out)for a walk. I and my dog (to go out)for a walk? 
They (to watch)a football match. They (not/ to watch)a football match. they (to watch)
Tina (to play)with a ball. Tina (not/to play)with a ball. Tina (to play)with a ball? 
Check your answers to avoid mistakes:
  1. Did you take care of upper case or lower case spelling?
  2. Are punctuations set correctly?