Describe the picture

Fill in : a squirrel , an owl, two children training, a girl playing football, a dove, a boy eating, a boy leaning on a fence, a girl looking at us

We are looking on a picture about a park. There are many children, plants and animals. 
In the background you can see  → sitting in a tree. In the top left corner you can see  → in another tree. Between the two trees there is  → . On the right of the boy, in the middle of the picture are  → 
In the upper right corner there is  → . Under it, in the lower right corner is  → .
In the lower left corner, in the forground we can see  → 
and next to him  → 

Check your answers to avoid mistakes:
  1. Did you take care of upper case or lower case spelling?
  2. Are punctuations set correctly?